Prayer Staff Bios

tim_profileChaplain Timothy M., 47

Believer in Jesus Christ, prayed with many and have seen great results. Miracles and healings are still happening today. The task has been given to me to share the wonderful power of prayer to any and all that will receive it. I am a General Contractor by trade and never expected my Christian walk to go in this direction. At 40 I had a huge change in my life, stopped the churchianty and committed my life to really serving Christ. I did not know what He had in store, my prayer to Him was “please use these empty hands for the Glory of the Father, this is all I have”.  After having complete financial loss and major health issues what is left, just these empty hands and a voice to share the gospel. I do not have a theological degree, ordination or ministerial accreditation just a simple builder who loves my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Patricia_profilePatricia C., 71

Became a Christ follower 50 years ago but have grown far deeper in my faith in my later years. I am an active attendant of North Coast Calvary Chapel, the women’s bible study/ sewing club, share my faith at the Parkinson’s society as I have been diagnosed. The apostle Paul in his weakness Christ is strong, I may be older  and ailing but the Gospel of Jesus Christ can still be shared with anyone has a will heart. I consider myself a prayer warrior because I can speak to my Lord anytime and anywhere.

celtic-crossPastor Greg

Hi my name is Greg. I am an ordained Pastor by calling and a cabinet maker by trade.  I have been married to my lovely bride Linda (also an ordained Pastor) for 23 years. We are the proud parents of Samantha and Zack. I believe being a Christian is not a list of rules made up by man telling you how to serve God. Each and every person has their own unique individual relationship with Jesus Christ. Prayer is how we communicate with God. Not only is it how we speak to Him, but how He speaks to us. It is also our greatest weapon in the spiritual war we call the Christian life. I find both strength and joy in praying for and with others. There is power in prayer. If you truly seek Jesus you will find Him. In closing, we are all God’s children “Christian” or not, everyone and anyone can talk (pray) to God.

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  1. Lana

    I have a torn hip labrum,I am becoming very depressed over this because I can’t do anything.Please pray

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