May 30

A true champion walks by faith, not by sight.


Film Synopsis

Join Derek’s surf journey in Beyond Sight: The Derek Rabelo Story as he conquers multiple surf spots around the globe with world renowned surf greats.  Derek rides the waves in Malibu, CA, with surf legend Laird Hamilton.  Bryan Jennings, director/producer  of Beyond Sight: The Derek Rabelo Story takes Derek to the Lowers Hurley Pro in San Clemente, CA where he surfs with Australian born Taj Burrow and 11 Time World Champion Kelly Slater.  Spirit de Santos, Brazil, Derek’s hometown, is also featured in Beyond Sight: The Derek Rabelo Story where we meet Derek’s family and hear the heartbreaking story of a father’s dashed dreams and prayers for his son to become a professional surfer, only to have those dreams and prayers reshaped seventeen years later.  We get a taste of Derek’s surf journey as we meet his coach and friends who supported Derek through the long, sometimes torturous, trials of learning to surf blind.

Lending their voice to the film are surf heroes Damian Hobgood, Rob Machado, Makua Rothman, Lakey Peterson, and Coco Ho who have all been inspired by Derek’s story and add their expertise as they surf alongside Derek in various spots around the world.

Watch in awe as Derek learns to paddle board in California, challenges World Champion Kelly Slater and Lakey Peterson to surf blindfolded, surfs Pipeline not once, but twice, tandem surfs with Rob Machado and much, much more.

Whether a surfer, snow boarder or skater you will be impacted by Blind Sight: The Derek Rabelo Story.  Hope, inspiration, faith, and triumph are the underpinnings of this incredible true story. Be a part of positively impacting your world.  Watch the trailer, send it on, support the film, become a world changer—just like Derek. Click here to support this movie.

Catch the excitement.  Be inspired. Walk away changed.  Beyond Sight: The Derek Rabelo Story.


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