Jan 17

Welcome to Free Prayer

up-arrow-logoPraying to God helps the lives of all those who believe.

It is our mission to bring together the faithful to share in prayer for those in need. If you would like to submit a prayer request, it will be shared with our community of faithful Christians, so that they may pray for you.

If you or a family member is need of prayer, the Lord shall hear your request through the prayers of the entire Christian Community. You are not walking a lonely course, but rather holding hands with those who care. Christ loves everyone and is filled with happiness when they are praying together online or in church.

We believe that the miracle of relationship prayers, and financial blessings can be shared by everyone. Feel free to submit a prayer request for healing if you or a loved one needs physical rehabilitation. Allow the Lord to enter your heart and you will be rewarded here, and in Heaven. If you need to find a stronger connection to God, pray for faith or make a prayer request for well being.

Healing is a long process that begins with prayer and faith. The Bible tells us what we must do, and we must have the strength to come together in Holy worship. Submit a prayer and read the prayers of those who are in need of help and guidance. Jesus loves us all. It is our faith in christ Jesus that binds us together in prayer  to help one another. God Blesses.


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  1. TL. Martin

    Lord help us on this endeavor which You have set before us. Bless those In Your service and bring Your heavenly ways to needy world. In the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen. Edited and approved

  2. christine

    I have had 11 surgeries, my daughter has epilepsy I am on ssd that is all we get to live on. I struggle to take care of my health and hers I can not get the medications, things we need or even shoes for her. please pray we have such a great break through in our finance that we wont have to continue to struggle. god has blessed us and I praise him I need prayer right now as I am feeling beat down it is a great struggle just to get out of bed, his love for me keeps me going every day. im standing on his promises and asking him to carry this Burdon for me so she may be able to stay with me. please pray for me and my daughter. christine & Alexandria

  3. zenny

    God, please help me. I need your forgiveness for my foolish behavior and i desperately need your help in keeping my job. God I acknowledge that I was a fool and I accept that. But God lease allow me to rep my job and my livelihood to keep my family afloat. I stand to lose everything please God don’t let this happen to me. Please make this just a lesson that I have learned to alter my actions but please god deliver me from this trial. I have comes far, please don’t allow all this to be taken from me. I really need a miracle God. Please bless me with your benevolence. Please Father God, lay hands on your errant child and make this ok.

    1. Free-Prayer

      Our prayer teams at free-prayer are praying for you now. Please stay close to Jesus during this period.

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